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Enhance your home's visual appeal with a seamless solid hardwood staircase installation that commands attention. Find the tailored solution that suits your unique style, whether it leans towards modern or embraces tradition. Allow us to guide you in creating the perfect centerpiece for your home.

Our 3 Hassle-Free Steps to Hardwood Floor Staircase Process


Demolition, Prep & Disposal

  • Remove the old staircase materials
  • Bring staircase up to current standards (code)
  • Reinforce support & level each step
  • Dispose of previous materials

Installation: Treads, Posts, & Handrails 

  • Install new stair treads and risers
  • Mount newel posts 
  • Install handrails
  • Prepare handrails for new balusters

Stain & Finish

  • Hand sand treads, risers, newel posts, and handrails
  • Apply stain and several layers of finish 
  • Install new balusters (wood or iron)
  • Complete final paint touch-ups  
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Durability Guarantee From Peeling Separating, or wear-through

Durability Guarantee From Peeling Separating, or wear-through

Our Staircase Installation Guarantee

Enhance the allure of your home with a striking wood floor staircase. No other flooring option rivals its value. Our team of NWFA certified wood floor installers adheres to a meticulous checklist, guaranteeing a flawless installation.

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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing FAQ's

Installing hardwood on your stairs is a smart choice that brings multiple benefits. Hardwood treads not only add elegance and natural beauty to your home but also increase its overall value. With their timeless appeal, they remain stylish for years to come. Moreover, hardwood stairs are highly durable and require minimal maintenance, making them an excellent long-term investment. They provide lasting enjoyment and can serve you well for a lifetime.

Oak, walnut, hickory, and maple are favored options for stair treads because of their widespread availability and exceptional durability. When choosing the wood for your stairs, you can either match it with your existing hardwood floors for a seamless look or opt for something entirely different to achieve a unique and personalized style. The decision ultimately depends on your preferences and the specific look you wish to create.

Costs vary significantly based on the type of wood selected, layout, and the number of stairs, so contact us to get a quote!

Absolutely, we provide a complete staircase installation service, including handrails, newel posts, balusters, rosettes, and other necessary trim moldings. Our expertise extends to professional painting services, ensuring that your project is flawlessly finished. With our comprehensive approach, you won’t need to involve other trades once we’re done, making the entire process smooth and stress-free for you.

Wood stains are the same for stairs as the flooring. This means your flooring and stairs can be the same color of stain.

Selecting the ideal style for your staircase can be a daunting decision, influenced by factors such as budget and personal taste. Numerous styles are available, including Straight, Curved, Floating, Boxed, Open, and more. To assist you in making a well-informed choice, consider engaging a designer or finding inspiration from various social platforms.

What is Our Turnkey Flooring Solution?

  • Furniture Moving Service
  • Quarter-round removal & new replacement
  • Dust-free sanding
  • Odorless finishes
  • Plumbing Services
  • Roll-Off Dumpster

What Makes Us Unparalleled Craftsmen?

  • National Wood Flooring Certified Employees
  • 3 year apprenticeship
  • Over 2,500 floors refinished
  • Long-lasting results with 3 year guarantee

What are the Hardwood Finish Options?

  • Custom stain & finish
  • Commercial grade option
  • Fast drying/curing
  • Large dog/high scratch resistance
  • Economical Options
  • Odorless

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Kimminau Wood Floors - Installation and Refinishing

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