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Hardwood floor refinishing

Restore your wood floor to its original beauty.

Refinishing involves sanding off the existing finish and stain down to the bare wood and re-staining or refinishing the raw wood.

A Unique Turnkey Flooring Solution

Take the stress and hassle of organizing and coordinating movers, painters, plumbers and cleaners off your shoulders. We provide a comprehensive turnkey hardwood flooring experience. Our service includes moving all of your furniture, installing, sanding, finishing, installing trim, painting trim, necessary plumbing services and cleaning. Have peace of mind with our complete turnkey solution. Our project manager will email you the plan, and you will get daily service reminders.

Here's a list of services that are often required on refinishing projects:

Scheduling a professional moving company to move contents
Using an airSled machine to move appliances without scratching the floor properly
Removing base shoe/quarter-round and replacing it with new
Scheduling a professional plumber to reset toilets and vanities
Scheduling a painter to apply the finishing touches on newly installed trim
Scheduling a roll-off dumpster for large projects requiring significant demolition

For the best and most easy-going experience, we list additional services separately to define our work scope.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Rely on us for a stress-free and pleasant experience as we commit to provide craftsmanship that exceeds industry standards. Here are a few differentiators that have contributed to Kimminau becoming the top-ranked hardwood flooring company in Kansas City:

Kimminau provides low VOC GREENGAURD finishing systems to keep chemical emissions to a minimum.
Kimminau uses high-powered patented vacuum systems from CDC Pulse-Bac and Oneida to contain as much dust as possible.
Kimminau provides a variety of textured options, including wire-brushing, hand-scraping, and custom finish options.
Kimminau staff is trained and certified by the National Wood Flooring Association.
Kimminau will document all of the finishing products utilized and the environmental conditions of the job site in your client portal. It is most important should you need a repair down the road.

Finish Customizations

What type of finish is best for your floor? Most contractors will recommend the finish they're most comfortable applying or the one that is the cheapest. We prefer to ask our clients a series of questions to determine what's most important to them and make a recommendation based on their answers.

Here's a series of questions and the solution we provide:

Are you concerned about odor? 
Hard-Wax Oil & Water-Based Urethanes
Looking for a commercial-grade finish? 
Conversion Varnish & Two-Component Water-Based Urethane
Do you want a fast drying/curing finish?
Hard-Wax Oil & Two-Component Water-Based Urethane
Do you have large dogs, and are scratches your primary concern? 
Conversion Varnish
Most economical finishes? 
Oil-Modified Urethane & Single-Component Water-Based Urethane
Looking for custom color options, maybe a cerused floor or super low sheen? 
Hard-Wax Oil & Water-Based Urethane

Check out our variety of stain color options!

Durability Guarantee

We are confident that your finish will not wear through, peel or separate from the hardwood for 3 full years from the date of purchase. Rest assured, you will enjoy your smooth and beautiful floors for years to come.

Renew my hardwood floors!

Hardwood floor installation

Add comfort and style to your home.

Installing a new wood floor is a big decision that adds value to your residence that other floor coverings can't provide.  Our NWFA certified staff will follow our comprehensive checklist to ensure your project is completed correctly.

Our Reliable Six Step Installation

Delivering your flooring ahead of time allows the wood to acclimate for proper moisture level, ensuring a perfect installation.
We will hang plastic to mask off rooms, move appliances and remove trims.
We will remove tiles, carpet, vinyl and laminate in the area where the new hardwood floor installation will take place.
We will do some preparation work on the sub-floor sanding seams, levelling, fixing squeaky spots.
Our NWFA certified and experienced technicians will install your stunning new hardwood floors.
We will move appliances back, haul away the trash and ensure the post-construction clean leaves your home spotless.
Another example of the unparalleled customer service we provide to our clients occurs as we wrap up each project.  You will receive a comprehensive QC walk-through and a complimentary cleaning service. During the walk-through, we will review our warranty and maintenance instructions with you. You will also receive a cleaning kit, a one-year supply of cleaning solution and a hygrometer.

"As we complete the final stage of our turnkey solution, we want to make sure everything meets our standards before we turn the keys over to our clients. We also want to show them how to maintain their investment and answer any questions accurately. This final step has been tremendously popular and satisfying for our clients."
Ben Kimminau, Owner
Hard wood floor installation in a residential home.Beautiful hard wood floor install in a large house.
Give my home comfort and style!
"Refinished floors in most of our home. Work was completed in two phases, allowing us to stay in home during the project. Floors turned out beautifully, work completed on time."
Mary Beth McClain
"Ben and his entire team at Kimminau were absolutely phenomenal. From prep work, idea building, punctuality, attention to detail, and finished product...they knocked it out of the park. The floors are gorgeous and the staircase is amazing."
Lauren Andrews
"Kimminau did a fabulous job on a 70 year old floor. It looks better than a brand new one seen in many new homes today! They were responsive, responsible, and made sure I was completely happy with the outcome."
Bill Pointer
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Maintenance coats

Breathe new life into your hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors will become dull and develop surface scratches over time. Finally, there's a way to breathe new life into your hardwood floors without having to refinish them. It's our exclusive Kimminau Clean & Coat method. This process allows us to quickly restore your hardwood floors to a like-new appearance for a fraction of the cost of refinishing.

Our innovative three-step process

‍It starts with a state-of-the-art scrubbing machine that thoroughly cleans your hardwoods without damaging them. This cleaning is the very best way to clean your hand-carved and distressed floors.
Once we've got them completely free of all dirt, grease and debris, we apply a bonding coat to make sure the new finish bonds completely for durability.
When the bonding coat is dry, we apply the finishing coat for a shiny, new floor finish.

We recommend this service every 3-5 years, depending on traffic. This process is especially great when you're trying to get your home ready for the holidays or if you want a deep clean after tracking in salt and grime all winter long.  Frequent applications will not only protect your floor but will lengthen the time before a complete refinish is necessary.

Low odor

Deep clean dirt, grease, dust and built-up residue

Pet and kid-friendly

No need to move furniture

Durable, protective and greenwood floor finish

Quick-drying time

 Give my floors a new shine!
Quality in Every Step
Everything we do, we do with attention to detail and the highest quality standards you'll find in the wood floor business. Whether it's residential or commercial, you won't find better-quality flooring in Kansas or Missouri.
Our Passion Is Wood Floors
The thing we love about wood floors is that their beauty will last a lifetime. Wood floors are not only durable and beautiful, but they are also timeless and never go out of style. That's why we put so much attention to detail in every job we do.
State-of-the-Art Equipment
At Kimminau, we make sure we keep up with the changes. We stay abreast of advances from new technology like our dustless containment system to new products like water-based and low odor floor coatings.
Schedule In-Home Consultation
We offer free in-home estimates and design consultations. We can walk you through the process to make sure you get exactly the floor you want out of the large variety of choices available on the market.

Staircase installation

Make your way to higher grounds.

Have a perfect-fit installation that will highlight your home and become a centerpiece. Whether you are looking for a modern style or settling for a more traditional style, we can help.

Our professional staff will provide you with a complete outline of your project.  You will find that our solution will include services not usually included by our competitors:

Demolition and Disposal 
New Spindle Installation
Newel Posts and Handrail Installations 
Professional Painting Services 
Custom Stain and Finish Options
Professional Cleaning
Installation That Meets Building Codes

Working with you from the ground up, we can assist you in choosing a style harmonious with your current decor.

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