Do I need to remove the toilet to have my floors refinished?

Should we sand under toilet

Another topic that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer.  Let’s evaluate a few things to consider when making this decision. Does the area around the toilet already have water damage?  About 50% of the floors we evaluate have some form of damage around the base of the toilet.  I suspect the wax ring or flange breaks […]

Paint touch-up expectations after your floor service

Kimminau makes expected paint touch ups

Whenever we meet with clients during the initial consultation, we like to follow the following protocol: Listen to what they want to have accomplished in their home Provide solution(s)…many times we provide several options Answer any questions they might have about our services Set the right expectations We will soon have entire blog category setup […]

Closing out your project with Kimminau Floors

closing out wood floor project

Congratulations on your newly finished hardwood floors! Kimminau Floors only uses premium finishes that meet our durability and convenience standards.  These finish types have come a long way over the past decade.  You may have heard no area rugs for 30 days for example…. thanks to technological advances, it’s now 3 days.   You’ve made a […]

The importance of subfloor preparation explained

hardwood subfloor prep

As I sit here and begin to write this blog, I can’t help but admit that my attitude towards subfloor preparation has dramatically changed over the past 20 years.   Early on we didn’t always give subfloor preparation the attention it deserved.   Years of training and a few bad experiences have fortunately corrected our […]

What is Hardwood Acclimation?


Acclimation is the process of delivering the wood before the scheduled installation start date and allowing it to adjust to the normal living conditions and environment inside the home.    The acclimation process starts by getting the home ready for the wood. It’s important to make sure that the project or jobsite is set up to […]

How do we fix pet stains on hardwood floors?

remove pet urine stains

One of the most common questions we get from homeowners is, “Can you remove these pet stains?” Pet stains are a disgusting reality that many hardwood floor professionals face quite frequently.   The urine from pet stains will soak into the wood and turn it very dark.  It also leaves a nasty smell.  Sanding a […]

What is the best way to maintain hardwood floors?

Maintain hardwood floors

After refinishing or installing your hardwood floors, it’s important to establish a regular maintenance routine to help preserve the beauty and longevity of your new finish. Here are some best practices for maintaining your newly refinished hardwood floors: Place walk off mats in entry ways, sink areas, dog bowls, and plants to minimize the amount […]

How to fix annoying hardwood flooring squeaks?

squeaky hardwood floors

Unless you have teenagers and you’re concerned about them sneaking out of the house at night, you probably want to remove these loud annoying squeaks in your hardwood floor.  Hardwood floors can develop squeaks over time due to a variety of factors, such as normal wear and tear, changes in temperature and humidity, improper fasteners […]

What type of rug pad should I use under my area rugs?

rug pad

This is easily one of the top 5 most common questions we get whenever we complete a project for a client.  It’s a great question since there are rug pads that are actually very bad for your floor.   The last thing you want to do is spend money revitalizing your hardwood floors and then […]

What Type of Wood Flooring Finish is Best?

pros and cons of finishes

This is hands down the most popular question we get when it comes to our various finishing services.  I wish I could tell you there was a one size fits all solution but the answer to this question really depends on the factors that are most important to you.  This topic can be very confusing […]